Improve efficiency, reduce cost, and grow revenues with a fractional CFO


Savvy Financial Advice for Small Business

A good CFO should do more than file your taxes. An on-demand CFO from Numbersmith can paint you a financial picture and create a strategy for growth.

Focus on Business Growth

As a business owner, you need to focus on customers and bottom-line growth. Our CFOs can handle the cash flows, debt-structuring, taxes, and exit strategies so you can focus on what matters most.

Deep and Wide Financial Expertise

Our on-demand CFOs can support a wide range of financial needs including CFO, Comptroller, Accountant and Bookkeeper, plus many other strategic priorities focused on revenue generation rather than cost cutting.

Responsible Risk-Takers

Our On-demand CFOs are trained to spot flaws in financial plans, and are often consulted about investments that carry a hefty price tag or pose potential risks. Expect a CFO to bring sound logic that drives revenue and reduces costs and overall risk.

Empirical Thinking with Financial Creativity

CFOs are more than just rigid accounts, they are maestros conducting an orchestra of financial instruments and financial metrics. Fractional CFOs bring practiced skills, tools and ability to sense all elements that affect your business's financial standing.

Financial Gatekeepers of the Present. Financial Stewards of the Future

We know what you can't afford: not having someone experienced running your accounting and finances.

That's why we've created an on-demand, as-needed solution to fill the gap and help when and where you need it.

Whether you need a part-time CFO, bookkeeper, or something in between, let us connect you today.